About Us

About Us

Wristy Buddy was developed by a mother also a teacher for her teething infant son. Her son began to teethe around 3 1/2 months. However, he lacked the motor skills to hold traditional teething devices & would constantly chew on the sleeve of his clothing.

The founder of Wristy Buddy sought out a solution to her son’s dilemma; made a prototype. The prototype proved so successful with her son that she wanted other moms to be able to offer their early teethers relief as well & Wristy Buddy was born.
Wristy Buddy is designed for babies that haven’t developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can’t grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy.

Wristy Buddy is made of absorbent materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. It is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects.
Easy to hold Baby Teething Toy!

Tired of traditional teethers getting dropped because your little one is still learning to use his or her tiny hands? Or frustrated that baby’s clothes are sopping wet from all that drool? Then you will love the Wristy Buddy, a teething toy you slip on your baby’s wrist where it will never get lost!
No Sore Gums, Soft and Soothing & Keeps baby's Face Dry!

With a textured teething loop that’s perfect to help ease teething pain, this teether is also soft & soothing for babies, ensuring pain relief from sore gums. Besides relief from teething irritation, this safe teether toy keeps baby’s face dry.

Award -winning, BPA Free & Completely Safe!

Speaking of safe, this little miracle worker is BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, and certified non-toxic. This must-have for teething tots won the Green Scene Mom award!

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