Animal Soft Combo Teether for Babies -Pack of 4

Moose, Lamb, Elephant, and Octopus Combo Teether for Babies -Pack of 4

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Pack of 4 Teether for Babies by Wristy Buddy - Embrace Pain-Free Teething!

Discover a world of colorful and engaging designs with Wristy Buddy's Pack of 4 Teether for Babies. Our teething toys come in delightful shapes such as Moose, Lamb, Elephant, and Octopus, ensuring a joyous teething experience for both boys and girls.

Key Features of Teether for Babies

  • Safe and High-Quality Material: Crafted from 100% food-grade soft silicone, our Natural Organic Safe Teether is BPA, Phthalates, and Lead-Free. Foster good oral hygiene habits in your baby while prioritizing safety.
  • Easy to Hold & Grasp: Wristy Buddy specializes in creating high-quality baby teethers that are easy to grasp and grip. The flexible design ensures comfort and safety, making it ideal for toddlers still developing motor skills.
  • Reusable and Machine-Washable: Our teether is not only easy to clean but also reusable. Provide soothing relief and reduce discomfort without worrying about gum soreness or teething pains.
  • Variety of Shapes: Colorful, lightweight, and available in shapes like cow, octopus, elephant, and more, our teething toys contribute to your baby's overall development.
  • Easy to hold Baby Teething Toy : Bid farewell to the frustration of dropped teethers. Slip on the Wristy Buddy teether onto your baby's wrist, ensuring it never gets lost. No more sopping wet clothes; the textured teething loop offers ideal relief from teething pain while keeping your baby's face dry.
  • Award-Winning, BPA Free & Completely Safe : Our teething solution is a recipient of the prestigious Green Scene Mom award. It's not just a teether; it's a safe and effective companion for your baby's teething journey.

Safety Precautions & Instructions:

  • Regularly inspect attachments; discontinue use if loose.
  • Discard if signs of wear appear to prevent choking hazards.
  • Keep packaging out of children's reach.
  • Always supervise your baby during use.
  • Avoid letting your baby sleep with Wristy Buddy.

Choose Wristy Buddy's Pack of 4 Teether for Babies for a stress-free and safe teething experience, ensuring your baby's comfort and well-being

    Product FAQs

    Q: Is the teether made from safe materials?

    Ans: Yes, the teether is crafted from 100% food-grade soft silicone, making it BPA, Phthalates, and Lead-Free.

    Q: Are the teethers easy for babies to hold?

    Ans: Yes, the teethers are designed to be easy to grasp and grip, perfect for babies still developing motor skills.

    Q: Can the teethers be washed?

    Ans: Yes, the teethers are reusable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

    Q: What shapes are included in the pack?

    Ans: The pack includes delightful shapes such as Moose, Lamb, Elephant, and Octopus.

    Q: Are the teethers lightweight and colorful?

    Ans: Yes, the teethers are colorful, lightweight, and engaging for babies.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Aurelia Thompson
    Superb Quality and Design

    The combo pack is fantastic. Each animal offers a different texture, which is perfect for my teething baby.

    Elizabeth Wright
    Fantastic Set

    The Moose, Lamb, Elephant, and Octopus combo teether set is a wonderful companion through this exciting teething phase!

    Brielle Sharp
    Perfect for Tiny Hands!

    The size and shape of these teethers are just right for my baby to grasp and chew on.

    Josie Roberts
    Cuteness and Comfort Combined!

    The Moose, Lamb, Elephant, and Octopus Combo Teether pack is simply amazing. The adorable designs and soothing textures make it a teething essential.

    Stella Marshall
    Wholesome Teething Bliss!

    Watching my baby enjoy the Moose, Lamb, Elephant, and Octopus Combo Teether is a wholesome experience; it's a must-have for teething babies!

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